RPL being an ISO certified Company insist on both quality and transparency in   its procurements. Company follows Centralized purchase procedures of the Government and Company. Main requirements are:

Tapping Implements- Plastic Cup, Tapping Knife, Spouts, Cup Hangers, GI and Plastic Buckets, Plastic Scrap Basket.

Rain Gaurding Materials- LDPE Film, Staplers & Stapler Pin, LDPE Ribbon, Rain Gaurd Adhesives.

Fencing Materials- GI Wire, Barbed wire, Fencing Post.

Fertilizers- Magnesium Sulphate, Rock Phosphate, Muriate of Potash, Urea.

Rubber Nursery Materials- Nursery Bag, Budding Ribbon, Root Trainer Cup, Rubber Coat, Chemicals like Diathene,Stanvit, fytalon, feneval Dust, Bavistin, Thiride, Sulphux .

Estate Chemicals- Sulphur Dust, Copper Sulphate, copper Oxy Chloride, Rubber Spray Oil, Ethipone.

Plant Protection Equipments- Sprayers,….

Factory Chemicals- Potassium Hydroxide, Liquid Soap, Caustic Soda, Silicon Emulsion, Stearic  Acid, MBTS, China Clay,    Zinc Oxide, TMTD, DAHP, Lauric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Ammonia, Ammonia Gas & Liquid Ammonia, Chalk Powder, Carbon  Black, Lime Powder, Whiting, Barytes, Sulphur, Wood rosin, Process Oil.

Packing Materials- Empty Barrels, Cap seals, LDPE Bags for ISNR Packing, LDPE coloured  Ribbons.

Electrical & Mechanical spare Parts-including those of alpha laven centrifuging Machines.

Engineering Materials-Cement,  Bitumen, Corrugated Sheets, Aluminium Sheets etc.

Hospital Items- Consumer Goods & equipments.

Weather Protectives and welfare  items-  Umbrella, Rain Suit, Uniform, Footwear, Shoes, Socks.

Stationary items for Office Uses.

Tyres & Tubes for various vehicles in the  company.

Capital Items- Furniture, Computer & Accessories, Air Conditioners, Vehicles, Syntax Tank,  Equipments  & Related   Machineries, Electric Pumb, DG sets, Electric Hoist, Photostat Machines, Weighing Balances.

Miscellanious Items- Cotton Liner Cloth, Cotton Fabrics, Reclaim Rubber, Hessain Cloth, HDPE  woven liner , Coconut Shell, Engine Oil, Gear Oil.

Raw Rubber purchase-Feild Latex  & Scrap Rubber for Processing in the factories.

Work contract for  Hiring of School Buses, Ground  Spraying Works, Tyre reteading works, Printing of Various Registers, Forms, Diaries, Calender etc, Release of Complimentry & Commercial Advertisements.

Project Implementation  of Ribbed Smoke Sheet Factory.

List above is not exhaustive but  to give an  idea of the items procured and other activities attended in the purchase department. Procurement is effected through limited tenders or open tenders and one cover system is followed for tenders.

Purchase dept is presently looked after by Manger (Technical) and assisted with 2 Clerical staffs whose contact Nos are:


Dy Manager
(Sri.Shan Aliyar)
  0475-2222971, 72, 73, extn: 303
Section Clerk 1
 0475-2222971, 72, 73, extn: 323
Section   0475-2222971, 72, 73, extn: 324