Nestled along the banks of Kallada River, Ayiranallur Estate offers a picture of scenic beauty

– vast stretches of rubber plantations – some tapping, others just planted.

Though smaller of the two estates of Rehabilitation Plantations, Ayiranallur Estate is a model plantation. Covering an area of approximately 700 hectares, rubber cultivation started in Ayiranallur during the year 1972 in the land leased to the company from the Forest Department of Kerala. Having served a generation of repatriates for over 25 years, offering them employment and thus a means of livelihood, the second phase of cultivation (replanting) began in the estate during 2001. Step by step and without affecting the simple yet secures lives of 248 repatriate families settled in this estate, replanting of the entire area was completed in the year 2012, with high – yielding and modern clones like RRII 105, RRII 414 and RRII 430.

Ayiranallur Estate is expected to go into full production by 2019, contributing about one – third of the entire production of the company, supplying precious raw material that will go into the manufacture of a variety of value – added products – both within the company and outside.

Like a model resettlement scheme, Ayiranallur Estate looks after the welfare of about 361 workers, 50 staff members and their dependents. A population of about 2000 people is provided with the basic amenities of life- water, electricity, educational facilities and health care. The Estate houses a Lower Primary School, A Hospital and six Colonies. School buses also facilitate transportation of childrens to various schools in Punalur and around. A visitor can have a look at the whole estate from its own helipad and would find it as one of the most beautiful places in God’s own country – Kerala.