The Factory Complex is situated in the beautiful rubber plantation at Kulathupuzha Estate

of the Company in the eastern part of Kollam district and it consists of

1) Latex Centrifuging factory,
2) Crumb Rubber Factory,
3) Rubber Sheetings Factory.

The Latex Centrifuging Factory was established in 1984 with the facility to produce 60% concentrated Latex followed by the commissioning of Crumb Rubber Factory during 1990 for producing ISNR, from our own crop in the plantations. With a view to expand the activities further, forward integrated production facility for Foot Wear Quality rubber sheets was launched in 1997 by setting up Rubber Sheetings Factory.

The complete rubber crop of our company is processed in the Factories. The latex is processed into 60% concentrated latex and marketed as industrial raw material. The Scrap rubber received is processed into ISNR material of different thicknesses.
The greatest advantage of our products is the superior quality due to the use of farm fresh latex and a scrap rubber from our own plantations as raw material.

State of the art facilities in the production and Quality Control Departments help the Company to deliver high quality products to its esteemed customers. Imported machineries handle the production at Latex Centrifuging Factory and a modern automated plant is in place for producing ISNR (Crumb Rubber / Block Rubber / Technically Specified Rubber). Latest technology was integrated in the production of FWQ sheets also.

Quality Control department is equipped with latest instruments in the field from both India and abroad to strictly control and assure the quality of raw materials and products.

The Main Products are,

1) 60% Concentrated Latex of BIS Specification.
2) 60% Concentrated Latex of Customer Specification.
3) Skim Crepe.
4) Different Grades of ISNR.
5) Foot Wear Quality Rubber Sheets of Various Thicknesses.

Features of Foot Wear Quality (FWQ) Rubber Sheets.

• Insertion sheet, Plain sheet, Mottled sheet of various gauges and plies, as per customer requirements.
• Insertion sheet is a fine blend of rubber & fabric. The fabric reinforcement is made of rubber coated square woven fabric of superior quality.
• The width of the sheet is 1 meter if not specified otherwise.
• The regular colour of the sheet is beige.
• Any other colour as per the choice of the customer.
• An eco friendly product.


Used as Gaskets, Diaphragms and as Flange packing.
It is also used as Anti vibration pads and as Mud flaps.
Mottled sheets commonly used as flooring materials and as car mats.